“There is pleasure in the pathless woods” – Lord Byron When changes start knocking on my door, I know I’m not alone in the racing mind, anxious heart, needing to rationalize and organize every little detail feelings. The panic and planning start setting in. Will I have enough money? What will my schedule look like? […]

So I’ve been slacking on my blog posts due to my newest project … writing an e-book!! It’s been taking up all of my free time at the end of the day, and I️ just wouldn’t have it any other way!! I’m so proud of how beautiful it turned out!! I️ wrote this e-book with […]

I️ love pumpkins just as much as the next basic babe, but PSL are just too sweet for me! (and filled with things you’d never want to put in your body anyway!) Here is a quick and easy recipe for some pumpkin spice goodness! Did you know pumpkins have lots of vitamin A- essential for […]

As I was walking our Catskills property, I was noticing the foliage more than usual. The changing of the leaves, the shape of the trees- I had this momentary longing to remember what the property looked like in the summer and winter seasons. In the same thought, my mind quickly snapped back to the present […]

I have to be honest, sitting down to write this post has been no easy task. I literally cringe thinking back and feel a sadness for the girl I was. A lot of insecurities are sitting in the following words and for a while I thought it was possible to become a health coach without […]

Okay, okay… so I promised myself I wouldn’t get too excited for fall until September 22- the first official day of autumn… Buuuuuttttttttt….. I can’t help falling in love with everything cinnamon! Around here the weather is just getting to the “ooh, may need to bring a sweater with me” point, which means this smoothie […]