So I’ve been slacking on my blog posts due to my newest project … writing an e-book!! It’s been taking up all of my free time at the end of the day, and I๏ธ just wouldn’t have it any other way!! I’m so proud of how beautiful it turned out!! I๏ธ wrote this e-book with […]

Okay, okay… so I promised myself I wouldn’t get too excited for fall until September 22- the first official day of autumn… Buuuuuttttttttt….. I can’t help falling in love with everything cinnamon! Around here the weather is just getting to the “ooh, may need to bring a sweater with me” point, which means this smoothie […]

My love of quinoa runs deep.   I jumped on this spiraled grain band wagon shortly after I was put on an elimination diet and quite literally ran out of food that I could consume safely. (More on this in a future post!) It was allergy safe and at a time when cardboard was looking […]