The pathless woods

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods” – Lord Byron

When changes start knocking on my door, I know I’m not alone in the racing mind, anxious heart, needing to rationalize and organize every little detail feelings. The panic and planning start setting in. Will I have enough money? What will my schedule look like? How is this person going to react? Will I be good enough? How will I accomplish all of this?

To answer all these questions, or any other ones that may be arising…

“You are where you’re meant to be and everything is going to work out.”


UUGGHH!! Why the hell am I even saying these things, RIGHT?! Let me talk you off the ledge here…

Your success rate of getting through any challenges and problems up to this point is 100%, am I right? You are here, reading my blog- and you are ALIVE. Sure, maybe some things don’t feel resolved in your mind, but step outside of your own mind drama and think about where you are in this exact moment- all is well.

Nope, not talking about an hour from now, come back to this moment!!

… I’m talking about right. this. very. second.


“The present moment is the only place where life actually exists.”

I’m sure you’ve heard a quote similar to this plenty of times before, but take a minute to think about its meaning. Can you actually live life in the past? Absolutely not. Can you live in the future? Nope, not possible (yet… hahah). So here you are, on this insanely large spinning object, playing along with “time” and what…? Worrying about what might happen in the future?

How many times have you had a “the grass is always greener” moment in your life? This, to me, is what the PATHED woods looks like. To wake up and know what life has in store for you takes away the mystery and leaves us open to the comparison game; where we think we “should” be. We start to measure success as defined by what someone else has set up. And besides, no flowers grow on a paved path. From a woman who named her child after a flower, this clearly is a necessary part of life.

When I think back on the events in my life that truly changed me, helped me grow or were worth the effort, they were the paths I would have never set out on purposefully. I happen to believe the universe is way more creative in planning my life than I am. I do believe that we all have a calling- no matter how big or small. Finding that calling isn’t about trying new things and finding what “works” (because eventually we’ll burn out and settle) but more about turning inwards and finding peace within ourselves. It is about taming that wild animal inside of you that wants to punch my blog in the face for being too optimistic and not giving you step by step instructions on how to get where you want to go.

So where is the pleasure? It is in the moments and space in-between your “things to do.” The pleasure is in getting back to your roots, back to yourself, and finding out what is making you tick so you can let it go. Pleasure is realizing that you can sit in uncertainty and embrace it, not reject it. Pleasure is in tuning in and understanding yourself so well that you act, not react to life. Pleasure is in walking past the flowers, or better yet, stopping to smell them. There is pleasure in being present and appreciating the beauty around you now because one day, you will be looking back. And when you do, you will realize that your “according to plan” WILL NEVER go according to plan. That what the universe had in store for you was by far greater, more filled with love, than anything you could have constructed on your own.

So let go. Let your planned, path woods go. You can still dream, still have a goal- but think about that end game. Leave the details to “chance” and just focus on being present. Keep coming back. When you see coincidences, signs, synchronocity- whatever you want to call it- PAY ATTENTION!!!


…THAT my darling, is your path.

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