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It’s all temporary…

As I was walking our Catskills property, I was noticing the foliage more than usual. The changing of the leaves, the shape of the trees- I had this momentary longing to remember what the property looked like in the summer and winter seasons. In the same thought, my mind quickly snapped back to the present foliage. No use in thinking behind and ahead– there’s so much right in front of me. (A thought pattern that I’ve been retuning to a lot since having a baby. Never wanting to rush ahead or long for what was since in that blink of an eye, she’s not the age I left her at!)

The word “temporary” kept running through my head. Non-stop. Temporary..temporary… temporary. It’s a term that doesn’t have much weight in life because well, it’s temporary. It’s fleeting. It won’t stay.

But … what does?

I’ve been getting a lot of shit from people who ask me “when are you going to buy a house?” “You have a kid now… you’re going to need more space!” And to that, me and Jason bought a weekend property and started to build a tiny house! šŸ˜‚ We can’t handle being told what to do, I suppose. Especially when it’s a matter of materialistic things. We have enough room for us and our lifestyle where we’re living now.

It always circles back to this idea: we just don’t want anything permanent.

Don’t get me wrong, when we got married & had a baby -we meant permanent business! But the whole concept of working your whole life to acquire stuff and more stuff, then needing to work more to maintain that stuff, just sounds insane to me. This idea of so much freaking stuff is literally choking me as I type these words.

I used to have to change my whole closet out seasonally because I had so many clothes. Then one day after not having the time to change all my seasonally inappropriate attire out, my sweater and I got sick of being worn in the middle of August & I threw out all of my clothes until everything I owned fit into my closet. And I haven’t stopped throwing things out since…

The idea of a tiny house is not at all daunting to me. It’s freedom. Freedom from things and places. It allows us to be in nature more. It allows us to be with each other. Because here’s the thing: WE are temporary.

If my husband read those words he would say to me “That’s morbid Kar…” but I know he would understand my complete thoughts here. We are all just living our lives on this spinning rock with no effin’ clue as to what comes next or what we’re doing here! We spend our whole lives being so damn serious about these jobs and bank accounts and “grown up” decisions that are staying put on this spinning rock when we die. They literally mean nothing. Some may call me naive but the truth is, I won’t let my fear be bigger than my faith. Faith that there’s more to being here than the BS and drama we have filled our lives with.

Our time with the ones we love isn’t forever. There’s a reason & a season and then- things change. The realization of “temporary” isn’t to be sappy or morbid but to snap us back to this present moment. Take the time to just revel in its beauty and feel it deep in our soul.

I believe deeply in health and wellness. Not so much because of what it physically makes us look like but because it nourishes our soul when we’re feeling good physically. The physical body will die someday but our souls and our presence we made here with our time on earth– THAT, my friends, is the whole. freaking. point. Everything is temporary…except your soul.

What are those material things doing for you after you’re gone? You can’t enjoy those things forever. I’ll be the biggest hypocrite here and ask if obtaining degrees and certifications are worth denying your soul of its purpose? To some, I’m sure the education sets their souls on fire & to the life long students: keep it going. But I truly wonder about the motives for the things that we do? Unless you’re doing something consistently and ruthlessly that makes you feel complete… you’re truly wasting your time.

I think your moments deserve every last piece of something you really love. Appreciate all the people that surround you and get rid of everything you own so that nothing distracts you from your present. Set your soul on fire every damn day because nourishing your soul will be the only thing that will remain and the only thing you are actually taking with you…

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